Author: Billy Reeder

A Year on the Bridge

The migrant camp is now a full fledge refugee camp. Except there is no United Nations here. No state sponsored anything. Just a sea of camping tents and thousands of people. I followed my border contacts online as the camp went from two hundred to five hundred to a thousand to over two thousand with hundreds more arriving daily. Border Patrol drops everyone off here who has crossed this region of the border seeking asylum.

The mood here is desperation.

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The Dumbest Guy in the Room

Last night, I drove home semi-comatose, drenched in sweat and questioning my sanity. I had just spent a solid hour of repeatedly getting twisted up in some god-awful position and feeling blood, oxygen and hope leaving my brain. 

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Florida Georgia Fox

So what I’m saying here is when somebody with zero background in journalism  starts telling me how things are supposed to be, I look at them with the same level of disbelief and awe as my musician friend looked at me.  To put it more succinctly, Fox News is the Florida Georgia Line of journalism.  Or maybe Old Town Road if you’d like a different example.  Weirdly appealing, but there’s no depth there. 

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