Author: Billy Reeder

The Border Has Its Own Rules

We can romanticize the old west all we want, but the reality is that it was complicated at times for people to know what was the  right thing to do.  We can talk about cowboys and Indians.  We can talk about indigenous people.  We can talk about rights. We can talk about how caring the tribe were to their own members. We can talk about genocide. We can talk about corruption. We can talk about all the triumphs and moral failures you want.

All of those things are relevant, because largely we’re still dealing with them.  The border has its own rules.  

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An Honest Conversation

It’s easy to take an incredibly complex situation and to pull things out of context, just to boil them down to a tweet to enrage your followers and boost your clicks.  It’s far too difficult and takes too much time to approach it with nuance and an understanding of culture and history. 

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